Doddridge County 4-H History

The first clubs in the county were organized around 1920.

The first 4-H camp was held in 1921. The campers traveled by wagon and brought an empty bed tick which was filled with straw. They camped in surplus World War 1 tents, but were forced inside a barn when a storm knocked over the tents. This was at Slaughter Run across Middle Island Creek on what was then the Frank Smith Farm.

Camps were also held at Sugar Camp (where the girls slept in the old Blandville School and the boys slept in tents) and the hill above Crystal Lake.

In 1936, 1000 boxes of wax paper were to be sold to pay for a permanent camp ground. These sold for 10 cents a box.

By 1937, there were 22 clubs in the county.

The first county Feeder Calf Show was held in 1948.

In the fall of 1950, land was bought at Smithburg for the purpose of building a 4-H camp. The Assembly Building of this camp was Furniture Outlet for several years, then sold to an oil and gas service company. Middle Island Creek was re-channeled on part of the land, Route 50 occupies a part, and the Doddridge County Middle School is built on part. Girls’ and boys’ dorms were on each side of the Assembly Building.